Independence Landing is a safe, affordable residential community with with a range of amenities for adults with intellectual and/or cognitive disabilities.  



Healthy Lifestyles & Active Living


Residents of independence Landing will lead active lives with daily activities including fitness programs, yoga, gardening, outdoor lawn games, and access to the many amenities of the brand new 42 acre adjacent city park and Southwood walking and biking trails, golf course, and tennis courts. 


The commercial grade kitchen in Independence Landing will serve to provide healthy evening meals and to teach simple meal preparation.


There will be a strong focus on social activities including shared evening meals with fellow residents and guests, activities with neighbors, visiting family members and non-disabled mentors, cook-outs, movie nights, ice-cream socials, participating in volunteer activities in the community, attending college ball games, and other social activities as selected by residents.

Lifelong Learning


Just as their non-disabled peers, individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities must have opportunities for life long learning.  Professors from area colleges and universities are ready to assist residents in art, music, gardening, cooking, literature, film, and other experiences of their choice.


Residents will have the ability to learn and practice independent living skills including housekeeping, budgeting and money management skills, self care and hygiene, appropriate and safe use of public transportation, understanding relationships with fellow residents and neighbors, and other topics as selected by residents. Importantly, residents will continue to learn and practice vocational and job training skills with the goal to obtain and keep a job.

Inclusion in the Community

With a city bus stop and city park adjacent to Independence Landing, residents will have access to the greater city of Tallahassee and its offerings. The Southwood community provides amenities within walking and biking distance including doctor offices, restaurants, grocery and drug stores, and a multitude of potential job work sites. Florida law mandates that state agencies hire a percentage of their workforce from the disabled population and there are numerous state agencies within a short bus ride or walking distance from Independence Landing.


Many civic and faith based organizations, including the Florida State University School, neighbors, and hobbyists are poised to engage with residents, providing life enrichment for all.

"These are people that want the same things that you want..."

— Cindi Goodson, Parent



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